Environmentally Sustainable Smart (Artificial Intelligence 

plus Internet of Things) Shrimp Farming



Our Story

We are building environmentally sustainable smart shrimp farms with AI plus IoT technologies to solve three major problems of traditional aquaculture.



Mangrove destruction

Farmers develop mangrove areas to build shrimp ponds. But every time when a disease outbreak, the ponds would be abandoned. In fact, shrimp farming is accounted for 38% of global mangrove loss (up to 10,000 hectares each year) according to data from the Environmental Justice Foundation.

Water pollution

Shrimp farming generates high polluted water which contains nitrogen and phosphorus. In 2018, the Chinese government shut down 40,000 shrimp ponds due to violating water not following the standard.


Food safety

3 Billion people are relying on seafood as a primary source of protein. However, Antibiotics have been abused in aquaculture to fight against the diseases.


Innovation Technology

Sustainable Farming

ID Water is transforming the 600-hectares abandoned earth ponds in Yilan, Taiwan into concrete-structure shrimp farms. The bio-floc method we are using can build effective disease containment and reuse 92% of the wastewater.

AI plus IoT System

The patented Water Quality Monitor uses Photoelectric Colorimetry technology to inspect biological, chemical, and physical parameters, and the image recognition equipment is using machine learning algorithm to identify the speed that shrimps are consuming the feeds. All the collected data would be sent to our cloud server then being process by AI expert system, which is designed to control machines such as feeding, probiotics providing, water heating, water exchanging to optimize the conditions of the shrimp farms


ID Team


Alan, Founder

Chief Executive Officer

Project lead of Urban Matrix and Qair

Experiences in high-density shrimp farming

Electromechanical background, familiar with IoT



Chief Operations Officer

Experiences in enterprise operations

Familiar with finance and aquaculture

Established shipping process


Chief Business Development Officer

Fuqua School of Business, Quantitative Management

Business Development, AESOP Tech.

Experience in Project/ Product Management


ID Farm

Starting from Yilan, Taiwan, ID Water is transforming 600 hectares of abandoned shrimp ponds to sustainable farms.

Combining our AI + IoT system with a unique designed shed, which can preserve the water temperature in an environmentally friendly way, we can increase productivity and reduce the growth cycle of shrimp. The system can also be deployed to countries located in the temperate zone to raise shrimp with low labor costs.


Chief Science Officer

NTU, Agricultural Chemistry PhD

Postdoctoral researcher at Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica


Chief Technology Officer

Master in Mechanical

Experienced automation R&D Engineer 

Integrate software and hardware of ID Water system


Construction Manager

30 years of experiences in construction

Led projects of building construction, concrete reinforcement, aquatic ponds development

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ID Water launched our own white shrimp brand I-Eat-Shrimp in 2019 to provide preservative- and antibiotics-free products to customers. Comparing to the other frozen shrimp in the market, I-Eat-Shrimp has an outstanding taste and unique texture.


For more information on investment opportunities, please contact us.

Our Potential

Our Difference

We are an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and technologically advanced company. Our visions are to minimize the impact on the environment, support and grow with the community, and never compromise to food safety and quality.

ID Water is standardizing the construction of environmentally sustainable shrimp farms, making it smarter and easier to expand, in the meantime, provide fresh, additives-free, better-taste shrimp to customers.



We are looking for investors who, no need to be a large-scale financing firm, would like to support an environmentally sustainable business with unprecedented potential. We are welcoming individuals to use a flexible amount to become a stakeholder of ID Water and enjoy a satisfactory return on investment. Join us, we are here to stop mangrove destruction, reduce water pollution, and enhance food safety.


In 1 to 1.5 years, the fixed cost to build an ID Water farm can be recovered, and after that, both ID Water and investors can enjoy high margin.


ID Water launched our own white shrimp brand I-Eat-Shrimp in 2019 to provide preservative- and antibiotics-free products to customers. Comparing to the other frozen shrimp in the market, I-Eat-Shrimp has an outstanding taste and unique texture.